Critter Removal & Repair

Have Critter Problems?

When wildlife (Here in the South, usually opossums and raccoons.) gain access to the under belly of a mobile home they do not usually leave the home to “go potty” and over time feces and urine will accumulate and severely compromise the insulation of the home not to mention create a potentially serious health hazard. We specialize in not only removing wildlife from under mobile homes, we also provide belly clean, sanitization, and restoration services as well. We can remove all of the contaminated insulation, replace insulation and restore the under belly to better then new. You will notice energy savings immediately as well due to the coverage of the insulation. More than likely large areas of your home were compromised.

We also provide preventive repair to your exposed underbelly. Chicken wire can be installed on the underside crawlspace to prevent future invasion of larger wildlife. Solid vented skirting is also recommended to help prevent wildlife from reaching the mobile home’s underbelly.