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Mobile Home Plumbing

Plumbing is responsible for a huge percentage of mobile home repair problems. Plumbing repair for mobile homes is made even more difficult because there are some significant differences in the plumbing system of a mobile home that are a result of the method of manufacture. Mobile homes are not built to the same standards as site built homes since they fall under different regulations. This accounts for some of the differences in the plumbing systems.

Knowing the differences is important when dealing with plumbing problems and when considering renovations or upgrades. Rick’s Mobile Home Repair knows these differences as we specialize in mobile homes and manufactured homes.

An instance where mobile home plumbing is different include venting of drain pipes . In a mobile home many tubs lack an overflow, which is a great clean-out for snaking the tub. Also, sinks sometimes do not have a vent or have an under the counter vent which works well, but doesn’t look quite as nice. Even kitchen drains usually just have an under the counter vent in mobile homes. This issue usually creates overflow and the flooring and insulation usually get damaged. Once the floor get soaked, it is best to replace. If the damage has gone further in where the insulation also was soaked it is best to have it replaced too. Mold most commonly grows as a result of water damage.

– Adding handicap-accessible plumbing allows you or your family members to remain in the home that you enjoy without having to build a costly addition or move to a specially built home or assisted living facility. Our handicap-accessible plumbing services are affordable and our renovations are completed efficiently and correctly the first time so that you can get the best use out of your home. – See more at: