Replace Insulation

Signs Your Mobile Home Insulation Needs Replacing

  • Once water damage has occurred, do not count on the insulation to just dry. Usually an after effect of insulation getting wet is mold. Once wet, it is best to replace. Also, the humidity will cause the original particle board to bow and create further floor issues.
  • In our area of  South Texas, anmials such as opossums and raccoons have a tendency to get under mobile homes and make havoc of the homes under belly. Once an animal has gone into the underbelly, it is best to replace the insulation as usually the animal urinates and defecates in it’s new surrounding. InfestationWildlife and insects often like to take up residence in your insulation, and if you have had a problem yours replacing the insulation as part of the solution. Just because the animals or insects are gone doesn’t mean the insulation wasn’t affected or insect eggs weren’t left behind.
  •  Every homeowner knows that quality insulation is one element that you cant afford to do without. Insulation helps to regulate the air flow inside your home and keep each room at a consistent temperature.Sometimes, your homes insulation needs to be replaced to maintain proper function. There really is no definite period of time or set of rules to go by, but watching for certain signs will help point you in the right direction.
  • Higher Heating Bills Most homeowners are sensitive to their heating bills,and are always on the lookout for ways to shave a few dollars off here or there. If you notice your heating bills climbing each month, your insulation may be the culprit.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures – Insulation that is properly installed and working effectively will help to keep the temperatures consistent throughout the house. Fluctuating temperatures can make for an uncomfortable existence, especially if it is really hot outside. If you’re having trouble keeping the temperature consistent on all levels of the house, have the insulation checked to see if its time to have it replaced.
  • Drafts Inside the House – Feeling a draft in the house when there aren’t any windows or doors open is kind of unsettling. You go indoors to escape a draft, so feeling them inside is hardly the ideal situation. Drafts inside the house on any level may indicate theneed to replace your insulation.
  • Signs of Aging – If your insulation has been there for a number of yearsand is showing signs of aging, its probably a good timeto replace it. Even if you arent experiencing any of theother problems yet, you certainly will in the near future.Wearing a glove, touch the insulation in different partsof the house. If it feels stiff and sort of crumbles in yourhand, its a good time to replace it.

If your home as had any type of water damage either by rain,plumbing or even aging issues it is likely that the insulation around the area in question has been damaged. Critters may have also entered the crawlspace under the mobile home and has made it’s home, damaging the insulation as well. On either case, give us a call to have your mobile home inspected and have a repair estimate written.