Flooring - Rebuild / Refloor

Floor Damage?

Water damage is fairly common in kitchens and bathrooms. It happens over time when water from the sinks, tub or toilet is spilled, when plumbing fixtures or appliances leak or even when a roof leaks. Fortunately, it can be repaired if the damage isn’t ignored for more than a few months. Particle boad floors swell when exposed to water. This is usually the first indication that you need to repair your particle board because the floor covering will lift slightly. You will need to replace the particleboard floor overlay.

We replace the bad particle board with better stronger ply-wood. Also, once exposed you may need to replace or repair some plumbing and insulation. While you have the floor open this is the best and easiest time to repair or even upgrade the existing plumbing and/or insulation.

For more information about insulation replacement click here.


Whether you are replacing the entire floor or just want to have a new look on your floors, Rick’s Mobile Home Repair has the experience to get the job done right. Your flooring can be changed and installed into a hardwood, vinyl, tile or carpet. We pride ourselves with the finish out too. The floor molding is a small detail that usually goes unnoticed with most renovations. We sweat the small stuff. Our craftsmanship goes unmatched.