Cooling and Heating Units Installed or Repaired

Air Conditioner

Many people are skeptical when it comes to the mechanical aspect of mobile or manufactured homes. Is my mobile home big enough for a split system? Am I stuck with a package system? What size air conditioning system do I need? These questions are great to ask us, Rick's Mobile Home. We have experience installing air conditioning systems for mobile homes. Unlike standard residential homes, the air conditioning system for mobile homes are not the same. The air conditioning system is specifically designed to utilize the space within your mobile home. The larger the home, the larger unit you are able to have. However, if you have a smaller mobile home, you will need to adapt to a smaller unit.

As the population grows here in Texas especially during the winter season, so does the amount of mobile home parks. Our technicians will measure the exact size that is needed for the amount of space you have. There are also a few factors that contribute to the unit you may need. Our technician will assess the direction your home faces, the number of windows and visually see if you are in a shaded area. These factors may seem small for an untrained individual, but it is essential in deciding the size of the air conditioning system you need.


Domestic Fuse Box


Inspecting and Testing


Many people seem to think that they could install a window unit to cool down the mobile home, this is not really recommended. Since mobile homes are longer than they are wide, a typical single wide home makes it harder to cool. You would need to have multiple window units placed around the entire home to cool down every room. This could cost you more than it would to maintain a central air conditioning system.


Duct Repair

Your mobile home’s ductwork system is made up of a compressed air heating or cooling system, which can play a huge role in your home’s comfort level. More often than not, when you notice the rooms getting either too hot or too cold, it’s an indication that mobile home ductwork repair is required. Fixing the ductwork ensures your home’s heating and cooling system functions properly.