Rick's Mobile Home Repair
Year-Round Service in the Rio Grande Valley.

We work in Starr, Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy counties of South Texas.

Second Roof


Protects your manufactured home from damaging water leaks. This blocks intense sun rays and keep down your heating and cooling... 

Underbelly Insulation


Opossums usually rip your underbelly material, and gain access into your duct work. The underbelly insulation of the manufactured home is known to be a hotspot for animals...

Flooring Installation


Have water damage? Water damage can cause mold to grow and spread throughout the home. Replacing flooring can be headache unless it is done quickly and properly... 

Plumbing and Bathrooms


Have broken or outdated pipes, we can help with that. During the winter months pipes can freeze and if left unintended can cause damage.....

Skirting and Awnings


If you need to replace your old skirting that is falling apart or allowing animals under your home, we can remove and reinstall it. We can get it done in one day. Skirting on your mobile home makes it look better....

Re-leveling & Tie Downs


If you are need of re-leveling or tide downs of your manufacture home we can recommend someone to do so. 


We are very versatile!

 If you have any mobile home problem we can fix it! Give us a call today and we can send someone to take a look! 


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